Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everyone Loves A Nymphomaniac

Event Horizon
Red Shift Films
Desmond XXXXX, Producer

Production Description

Marcus is a nymphomaniac (of course he is!) who has stopped feeling any true enjoyment from sex. In fact the act has become more painful than pleasurable. However his addiction won't make him stop--like gravity it keeps pulling him in. On this night he encounters four women, each encounter taking him some place deeper (tee hee), darker and more depraved--seemingly drawing him into a Black Hole (oh god). Will he lose his soul, will he survive till dawn? (And do we care????)

"Event Horizon" is a Short film told primarily through music and images. The Male lead has already been cast. (Ok, I've got $50 on the writer/director/producer being the male lead... who's in?)  Seeking four talented, female model/actors to fill out the cast.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
Auditions will be held the week of October 7th in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details
$200 per day

Seeking Talent Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.

Saphia: (Supporting) A recent college grad, beautiful and sexy; a little naive but also adventurous. She meets Marcus at a club and is drawn to him not knowing the dark night he's about to draw her into.


Alexis: (Supporting) Alexis is beautiful, elegant and cultured. Her upright presentation belies her inner most sexual desires and demons (which are more... horizontal?).


Maya: (Supporting) Like Marcus, Maya is an addict as well. She teaches elementary school in the day, and spends her nights in New York City''s seedy underground.


Liza: (Supporting) Liza is as beautiful as she is dark. She believes death is the greatest climax and the only way to truly speak to God. She tries to convince Marcus to take that final journey with her.


Seeking submissions from: New York City, NY

You know what? I want to write a movie. Lets pop a few quarters into the cliche-o-meter and see what we get:

A handsome but tormented man suffering from alcohol/drug/sex addiction finds some sort of emotional/spiritual/professional redemption by having sex with lots of beautiful/hot/nymphomaniac women and then suddenly we see him as human/sympathetic/flawed... and the women... well we never even learn their last names/professions/reasonable motivation for falling for the male lead. But we do get to see their nipples/ass/orgasm face. 


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