Thursday, March 14, 2002


Actress needed for exciting horror film shooting April in Pennsylvania. Age range is 18-28, race/ethnicity doesn't matter, we only care about talent! Non-union job. We offer a percentage of the gross, lodging, copy & credit in lieu of "up front" pay. Great team,fantastic cast, and a director who has worked with"stars" in the past. (I'm sure he has: "Another scotch Mr. Pitt?") This will not only be a film which will very successful, but also fun to make. The role which is open does contain one scene involving nudity (topless and posterior). It is not"sexual", and will last approx 1 1/2 minute screen time. Character is vivacious, energetic ,smart and well-rounded... (Was that a pun?) Actress must be able to drive to location in Western Pennsylvania. It would be very helpful is actress could travel to location prior to the actual shoot for costume fitting, but that isn't 100% nec. (At least you know you'll be wearing clothes some of the time...) This is an extremely fun project, filled with talented individuals! If interested, please send aphoto(doesn't have to be a headshot)and resume via email.

All these projects that don't require headshots! And I spent so much money on mine. What a sucker.

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