Thursday, June 13, 2002

Isn't That The Stuff Old Ladies Use For Arthritis?

Alleycat Films is casting an independent film "Hot Ice." Shooting begins in July. Seeking: three beautiful seductive females, must look 25, stripper-type bodies, strong acting ability. Principal roles. Nudity required, T&A only. No pay, but videocopy, meals, and transportation provided. Video distribution is already guaranteed. Send pix & resumesto Alleycat Films, PO Box XXXXX, Brooklyn, NY 11233, c/o John XXXXX, dir. NON-SAG PERFORMERS.

Do they mean skanky, living-in-a-trailer-park-and-smoking-menthols-and-just-had-my-fourth-kid "stripper type" bodies, or the unrealistic, this-is-what-people-who-have-never-been-to-a-strip-club-think-that-strippers-actually-look-like, "stripper type" bodies?

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