Friday, September 27, 2002

Naked Chicks vs. Mutant Killer Animals

Subject: Casting Horror movie
Casting feature horror/comedyShooting in 200 3Basic plot: A group of young women band together as their small town is besieged by mutant killer animals. Roles being cast: Sylvia: 18, female. College freshman who kicks ass and goes to war against a mutant killer animal. Role requires topless & rear nudity. Lawanda: Twenties. Outgoing, funny, dangerous. This girl knows how to take care of herself and is the de facto leader of the group. Role requires full frontal nudity (Well, she is the leader). Adriana: Late teens. Tough as nails woman from the wrong side of the tracks. She's been to hell and back, and she's learned a few tricks along the way. (What kind of tricks? The kind that can earn her a quick $20 under the bleachers?) Role requires topless nudity. Betty: Twenties. Shy, innocent, reserved. She's the girl-next-door type who's never had to fight before and now she's fighting for her life. Role requires rear nudity. This movie shoots in 2003. It's a genre-defining horror/comedy and we already have interest from major distribution companies for the finished product. This isn't the typical slasher movie where the women run screaming(and fall). These girls fight and don't need men to help. (I beg to differ - they obviously need help getting and staying dressed...) They can take care of themselves and kick some mutant animal ass along the way! We provide hotel and meals on set. We offer lead actresses (all roles listed are leads) 5% of the gross which is way beyond standard for an indie movie. We're shooting in Pennsylvania likely in April/May but production dates have not yet been set. If you're an actress who wants to have some fun creating characters that break out of genre stereotypes, this might be for you. (Again, not to be contrary or anything, but actually these roles sound like pretty common stereotypes.) Non-union (or financial core) applicants only. Send your photo(doesn't need to be a headshot) and resume(if you've got one) to me, Hallie XXXXX, at the below email address. I look forward to hearing from you. Let's show the men how horror is done! Hallie

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