Monday, January 13, 2003

The Romance Of Prostitution!

Group II Theatre Casting for the development of a new playJANE HO Written byJohn XXXXX. Jane Ho... A high priced escort walks us through their world and the things they tell their pillow, nobody should (I talk to my comforter - never my pillow. I don't trust it.)...JANE HO...It's the touch of my hands that sooth him. It's the taste of my lips that quench him. It's breathing my essence that thaws his heart. It's the anxiety he fells when we are apart. It's my beautiful eye's that entrap him (Those are some strong eyeballs). It's the softness in my voice that excites him. It's my smile that is often so intriguing. It's the words I say when I am speaking (No way!). It's my glimmering hair that strokes him. It's my sensual walk that stirs him. It;s the feel of my rich glowing skin. It's my sex appeal that finally does him in. He... John... Has found that special je ne sais quois. That unique eau de perfume (You smell it, too?), an attractiveness that is sublimely unspeakable. You see... He's a seeker of dreams, one who looks through the mists for what he desires. With the ability to read what people do not say, or are afraid to reveal. I'm someone to join in his "dreams" and play with his fancies. Oh, my dear friend John, How you long to hear my voice before the night is through. Let there be only that passionate moment you felt when we first laid eye's on one another through dollars and words.Jane Ho will be developed for a later production.SeekingJane HoCan be played by a man or woman, ages 25 to 35.Please send headshots and res. toGROUP II Theatre 784 XXXXX Ave Suite 2L NYC NY 10025. Do not e mail headshots

Whoa. Deep.

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