Thursday, April 17, 2003

A Random Email Notice

Interesting Role for a strong actor with a South Caroline (Is that a state?) Red Neck Accent.I'm an Italian director that is going to make an interesting short where you will play this crazy Red Neck guy who is abusing his girlfriend/daughter (we don't know). We are trying to break stereotypes and show this American redneck culture with wit and warmth. The role is great and you get to play a real over the edge role. So, please show up drunk. We are shooting next week, (week days) and time is flexible. Night or day is fine according to your timetable. We Have a very clear "vision" and must stick to it. It will take a day or at the most two days shooting and each day only for few hours. The audition will be Sunday. This is a no pay job, but then again this is a great role. The film will be submitted to festival and stuff. (The "stuff" part is what's most exciting!) As there is no much time, (awww... isn't that cute? He even writes with a European accent...) if you think to be suitable send me a note and I will tell you when the audition is. (NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! OR RESUME)I trust that you are a good strong actor and able to handle a power role with a Red Neck accent (Hurry to The Drama Bookshop now to get your "Redneck" dialect tape!) , because if you are not I'll find out Sunday (any way) and we both lose valuable time. E-mail back if interested: XXXXX...

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