Thursday, July 29, 2004

Maybe, Maybe Not.


This is a BlackMoonFilms Inc. production. Casting for "Pine Hollow." See This is a possible future paid job. However, more importantly this is an opportunity for aspiring actors and/or actors who need and want to be shot on film, with a possibility for a 35mm production (Possible future pay? Possibly shot on film? This IS a great opportunity!). No pay. (Wait a minute...) All crew and actors will receive several copies of the finished film (Oh! Could I get a dozen?), credit, food, and drink. Transportation will be by 15 passenger vans, however there may be issues depending on the talents location. (In other words: if your sorry ass lives in Staten Island, start walking now.) Furthermore, this production has a professional and experienced crew. Scenes will include crane, steadicam, and car mount shots. Casting all roles and will need approx. 80 extras for the club scene at a premiere NYC club. Visit for all information with regard to this production. The production calls for non-union actors because there is no union contract. (I'm so glad someone finally explained that to me.) There will be brief artistically shot nude scenes at one location only. Also looking for a sound mixer and grips for this production. Shoot date will be available after all cast have been hired. Visit and download script. Bring outfit you would wear for the particular scene you're auditioning for. Send pix & resumes by Aug. 12 to PO Box...

I have to audition for you "in costume" based on the script, then, if I am cast, you may or may not shuttle me in a van to the set to work on a movie which may or may not be shot on actual film, after which I may be getting naked for some artistic - yet brief - love scene(s), then I am to be compensated with sandwiches, juice boxes and several unwanted and embarrassing (I am sure) copies of the finished masterpiece? No thanks.

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