Friday, August 06, 2004

There Was A Part One?!

Casting non-union actresses to play strippers in "Das Kapital – The Movie (Chapter 2)," a very low-budget digital film shooting late September-early October in NYC. Seeking speaking roles—Laura Engels: lectures unwitting club patron on Marxist economics; Supply and Demand: two attractive strippers who assist Engels. Partial nudity required. Also seeking non-speaking roles—actresses of all types and ages to play strippers in club. Nudity not required for non-speaking roles. No pay, but copy and credit provided. Royston XXXXX, dir./casting. Renaissance Theater & Film, prod'r. Send pix & resumes to...

Ok, now that the tears of laughter have dried from my eyes... I wonder if Laura Engles is any relation to Laura Ingalls? Or is this perhaps her stage/pole name? Who would have thought that sweet little Laura would have left the prairie to become a Marxist seeking converts in a strip club? I'm very glad to hear though, that if you have no lines, nudity is optional. That seems very fair. Now I have to try and rent Part 1... Have any of you guys seen it? Was it good...?

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