Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why Do I Feel Like I Should Call The Cops?

Casting for reality show

This will be a fun job here is what we need
We need pictures immediately by no later the Wed 10 am June 29th

8 yr old black boys
11 yr old black boys
12 yr old white boys
14 year old white boys
16 yr old white boys
16 yr old white girls
9yr old white girls
40 yr old white males

Nonunion only must email pictures immediately with Phone # attached to JT
Sincerely, JT

A casting call for a bunch of adolescent and teenage kids and middle-aged men, only? That also happens to lack any and all information on what the show is actually about? Gross. I get the feeling the men auditioning are going to get ambushed by Chris Hansen when they walk into the audition room.


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