Thursday, March 23, 2006

Audition Sometime This Month For a Film To Shoot Later This Year With Maybe A Couple Rehearsals

Mutante Pictures is casting the short film Play Me, a dark, surrealist, perfomance art-based short film about a pompous and shallow man’s evening that segues into nightmarish meetings with his own psyche’s hidden demons. Paul XXXXX & Shaun XXXXX, prods.-dirs. Rehearsals will take place sporadically over two to four weeks (Sounds like they have a very clear scedule.); shooting three to five days in spring and summer in NYC. Seeking—Male: 30-35, white, old ex Ivy-leaguer type, slippery and paunchy, Republican, snake-like charm, physical theatre experience a plus, sexy clothing, will be able to display emotional demolition (???), LEAD; Female: 28-35, Caucasian, blonde/brunette, long hair, attractive, curvaceous, new agey, generally mellow but can explode with exasperation, LEAD; Mime Artist/Physical Clown: male or female, the more bizarre the better; Seductress: vivacious, belly dancer; Other Roles: bring on the freaks. (Careful what you wish for!!!) Send pix & résumés to Paul XXXXX, 609 XXXXX St., 9th fl., NYC XXXXX. Casting will begin at the end of March. You will be called prior to this date (TBD) (Gosh, these guys are so regimented with their scheduling, I can hardly stand it...) and provided with an excerpt of each character’s script/direction to prepare. Possible deferred pay, plus travel and meals provided.

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