Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Heavy On Character Description... Low On Plot (And Pay).

XXXXX Production is casting a comedic feature about commitment vs. alluring models (because we all know, the two can never, EVER co-exist). Armando XXXXX, dir. Shooting begins July 3-28 in Jersey City, NJ and NYC.Seeking—Orlando: 28 to mid-30s, Hispanic or Caucasian, unhappy video porn editor, sexually frustrated, contemplating cheating on his girlfriend, reserved, observant, insecure, average Joe, LEAD; Oscar: 28 to mid-30s, any ethnicity, modeling agent, shallow, self-centered, dates only models, funny, hip Metrosexual type, brief partial nudity; Chris: 30 to mid-30s, any ethnicity, bitter, divorced, poor photographer, chain-smoker, supporting; Michelle and Lena: 20s, sexy fashion-video models, confident, social, know how to dance seductively (There girls have mad skillz!), Michelle’s role requires brief topless nudity; Augustina and Sonia: 20s, sexy, sensual, bikini models type, cokehead, laidback, self-assured sexually, can dance, Brazilian or any ethnicity, partial nudity for both; Jessica: 20s, Caucasian, Hispanic, or mix, attractive, aggressive, blunt, doesn’t take crap from anyone, well-toned body, uses it to her advantage; Jessica’s Boyfriend: 20s, Guido type, drunk angry bodybuilder; Stripper: sexy, persuasive, hustler.Auditions will be held by appt. in April in NYC. Email pix & résumés to XXXXX, Attn: Armando. Possible pay, no housing provided. Producer plans to apply for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film Agreement.

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