Friday, January 12, 2007

We Only Get Naked For Love (And "Some" Pay)


Bavaria, Schiwagofilm & Capturefilm are casting Short Cut to Hollywood. Astrid XXXXX, casting dir.; Jan XXXXX & Macus XXXXX, dirs. Starting production Feb. 1 in NYC.Seeking—Thorsten Gripp: 55-57, Caucasian, producer, originally from Germany, fluent German required, his successful days are history, looks bedraggled and depressed, more like an unemployed teacher (then he wouldn't be a teacher, would he?) than a film producer, smokes too much and it shows; Paula from ABC: 34-40, not necessarily African-American, a Condoleeza Rice-type, tough with a strong attitude, will do whatever it takes to get her job done well-no questions asked; Shannon: 20-25, fearless, hungry for life, likes to have the final say, very attractive and knows it, what may make other women look vain and unappealing seems for her playful and self-confident, smart and quick, eloquent and has more knowledge of human nature than most of the cool, slick, “women experts” out there, is only interested in men who pose a challenge to her, the affection for John is something in between true feelings and the lust for adventure (and what could be more thrilling than rocking the world with a future super star?), partial nudity in the part, it means that there are love scenes (It does? Then why not just say that? Because it could also mean shower scene/getting dressed scene/works-part-time-as-an-artists' model scene... etc.); Drug Dealer: 17-19, African-American, tooth gap (interesting requirement) and has a devious look in his eyes. Email pix & résumés to For more info, visit Some pay.

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