Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You'd Think Officer Giver Would Have Changed Her Name Upon Entering Junior High

Date: Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Purdy Lounge 1811
XXXXX Drive, Miami Beach FL 33139

Casting call for all local Actors/Actresses for the new age comedy movie MIAMI HOUND DOGS. THE PLOT Cairo, Xavier and D'andre, three modern day casanovas known for whipping it up with the ladies. Miami is their playground and the weekends are when the games begin. Their weekend itinerary consist of the typical trifecta of beaches, parties and most importantly girls. But, this particular weekend doesn't go as planned. The guys meet some out of towners who challenge their hounddogging abilities. Xavier ends up in jail, Cairo accidentally drugs some girls (Oops!) and D'andre just can't seem to get any loving. The weekend seems to be a complete bust. Just when things can't get any worse, these series of misfortunes cause them to question their friendship. As the Hound Dogs attempt to go their separate ways D'andre realizes that life isn't any fun without his friends. Can he persuade the other two to put their differences aside and mend their friendship.

BJ Giver- Police officer with emotional issues (I wonder why.) who is always looking for Mr Right, but always ends up with Mr right now; Lisa- Typical gold digger who pretends to not be. She knows exactly what she wants from a man (You make these sound like bad qualities, when, compared to her male counterparts who "hound dog" women and "accidentally drug" them, she seems like an angel.); Linda - Professional business woman with a wild side and she can't wait to unleash it when she arrives to Miami; Pete - Pervert in every way and he is looking to get laid by any means necessary; Rachael- Timid and reserved woman whose idea of a good time is going to a museum and view ancient artifacts; Abcde - Country out of towner who really has no idea about big city living; Fernando- Creepy gentleman who is not comfortable in any situation; Hector- Typical south beach socialite whose idea of having a good time is being seen spending money. And more characters to be cast for. For more info feel free to email me at XXXXX.com

Salary/Wage: open
• Location: Miami
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