Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Must Be Working Because I Am Getting Sleepy... Or Maybe Just Cranky.


Snodgrass Publishing Group (prod.) is casting The Hypnotic Homewrecker, an Internet viral video with "PG-13" type content. Ray XXXXX, casting. Preproduction Summer 2010, for completion by the end of 2010.

Seeking—Hypnotic Homewrecker: female, 18-29, brilliant, sexy, edgy, uses mind control and hypnosis to enslave men and break up their marriages or relationships just because she can. The producer states: "Experience with hypnosis is not required, but talent for hypnosis (we can detect it [Oooooh, freaky]) is. Actress will be trained in hypnosis to play the part of an insane yoga instructor." (Oooooh, scary. Like, for real.)

Email pix & résumés to For more info, visit www.XXXXX.XXX. Note: This website contain links and other materials that may be deemed offensive by some readers; not appropriate for minors. Pay, plus credit and meals provided.

Additional Details from the Producer:

"This is a 'breakthrough' opportunity for an actress looking to make a name for herself, both with the public and with the powerful people who run this industry. Hypnosis is the 'next big thing' in entertainment (Clearly - all the creepy producers are doing it. To wit: this previous entry), and it needs a sexy, pioneering face to front its entry into the public (sub)consciousness. This project is designed to catch the attention of 'A-list' talent and producers (And if it doesn't? Can't you just hypnotize them to that end? Or is that unethical?), who will see the blueprint for the new genre, and want to cash in themselves. Socially, there will come a day when a female celebrity uses this type of hypnosis to steal men from other female celebrities -- or, if it's already been done, it'll be picked up by the media." (Naturally. Who wouldn't pay to see people bamboozled by shallow, hypnotic bimbos? This is like a slutty, soul-less Scooby Doo cartoon... only less fun, less innocent & less worth watching.)

To the public's credit - these ads have been removed & flagged from various sites. Note to the 'producers' of these 'breakthrough' opportunities: If the same public that willingly watches Jerry Springer, Flavor of Love, Farmer Wants a Wife, The Littlest Groom, and Armed & Famous has railed against your project... then you have major issues. Get your head fixed.

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