Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somewhere, A Portrait Of You Will Have Aged Considerably After Reading This Ad.

Date Posted: 08/22/10

Description: The Rage of the Stage Players, Pittsburgh’s alternative performance company specializing in original horror, adult-oriented comedy, and mature fantasy shows, just to name a few of our strange genres, are now coming off of our critically acclaimed and high-profile original production, FAIREST: THE BLACK TALE OF SNOW WHITE. That means we are in high gear as we CONTINUE our exhaustive search for the ideal young male actor to play the title role in our original, unique, premiering stage adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s gothic horror novel, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY will be a complex process. (Well, okay, let me pull up a chair and some knitting while you go on and on and on about it...) The show is slated to open our 2011 season, but the process must begin now, as up to 5 paintings of the performer must be completed, which will be a lengthy overall process. (Holy shit dude - have you heard of computers? Just do a brush-stroke filter then print in large format and varnish. Sure, it's not the same as a REAL painting but casting 5 month sin advance? Good luck with that.) We require an actor who will be 100% COMMITTED, dedicated, devoted to the piece, and realizes that once the process is in motion, he must see it through. (Ah, so you're already worried about this unrealistic time commitment. Well, take your own hint, then. Because if an actor gets a better deal - say, one that PAYS - I'm sure he's gone faster than it takes for you to finish writing this ad. [Actually, I could apply to and complete grad school by the time you finish this ad.]) It is critical that you realize the right actor is being asked to make a commitment a little less than ONE-YEAR in advance. (I think it's critical that you get your head checked.) The show will take place next spring, and though it will not begin rehearsals until late winter/early spring 2010-11, pre-production must be timed-out in advance. Fear not, we have no intention of monopolizing a year of your time. That is only the overall span of pre-production on our part. We just need to secure the right person in place, schedule occasional portrait sittings, and begin rehearsals on a regular schedule once the time grows nearer. Also, please be aware that The Rage of the Stage Players are a not-for-profit organization, who are composed ENTIRELY of VOLUNTEERS. We do not offer any compensation beyond enjoyment and experience, but you definitely won’t find what we have to offer just anywhere….and this opportunity/role not to be missed. If you’ve seen any of our past work such as Something Grimm, Dracula: Dragon Prince, Villains, A Little Red, Richard O’Brien’s: The Rocky Horror Show, the award-winning Alice’s Adventures in “Wonderland,” Dorothy in Oz (set in a mental institution), Twisted Monologues, or our Latest, FAIREST: The Black Tale of Snow White, you already know the kinds of dependable, dedicated, unique, and fun character actors with whom we work. And we’re ready to add one more to the fold! Yes, for us it’s Halloween all-year round, including intense, film quality make-up and costumes, set in a framework of over-the-top stories. Be it original concepts or skewed adaptations of gothic classics and fairy tales with a bawdy twist, we’re interested in them all!

Qualifications: This leading role will be a dramatically challenging one and not for the faint-of-heart! The actor we seek for this dark/beautiful production must be young, yet seasoned/experienced enough to push themselves, as well as meet the following criteria: - Age 18 to 25 (or extremely close—no younger, please) - Athletic build -5’ 10” in height or taller - Handsome, good features - Open-minded, COMPLETELY uninhibited. There will be intense sexual situations/physical contact with other actors in the piece, both heterosexual and homosexual, so if you are uncomfortable with yourself, this is NOT for you. This story is famous (or infamous) for its theme of giving oneself over completely to vice. - No aversion to partial nudity - Ability to do a High British accent, or have a willingness/ability to learn - Willingness to travel to the South Park area outside of Pittsburgh for rehearsals (own transportation). - Willingness to discuss growing hair longer and “possibly” (? "Possibly"? I think the definition of possibly stands well on it's own with out superfluous quotation marks) color it

How to Apply: If you like wild, alternative, guerrilla theatre and are open to new experiences and directions, we're your group. So if we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to be considered, please send your performance resume, headshot and some body shots which clearly show your physique (or a link to such photos) to rageofthestage(at)yahoo(dot)com (some of our past work may be seen at www.facebook.com/rageofthestage). You may also direct ANY questions you may have to this email address as well (which we advise). Performers must be located within Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas only, please.

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