Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bad Grammar

Audition for life is Life is Short Cherish Every Moment. A play about the effects of negative decisions which we make in our lives. (Like not using spell check on a professional email?) Non- Union $25 per performance+copy of video. December 8th 6pm sharp. and will be on Wednesdays- 6pm- 9pm and Sundays 5pm-8pm. Audition December 4 9 -2pm. At the Ujamaa Black Theater 300W 43rd Street by appt. only. Space is Limited so please reply as soon as possible. Also attach headshot and resume. . Showtime Saturday January 8 5pm and 8pm. Please answer questions and responsed to me as soon as possible.

Roles - Tiffany- Female Hispanic/Black/Cacausion Descent:20's- early 30's
Mike- -Female Black descent-20's
Reverend- Black/Caribean descent age ranging- 30's-50's
Grandma Female Black/Caribbean/hispanic descent- 30's-50+
Black:Male 20's- 35+
Tony Ton: Male Black/Caribbean Descent 20's
Latisha- Female 20s
Dwayne/Sweet D: Male Black/Caribbean/Hispanic Descent:20's-30s
CSE: Male Black/Caribbean Descent: 20s- 30's-drug dealer
Officer:Any Ethnicity 20s-30's
Mrs. Jameson- Any Ethnicity:-30's+
Uncle Leon/Aunt B: 30+ Male/Female Black or hispanic Descent.

Life is Short Cherish Every Moment

Audition- December 4th 9 am-2pm


Audition Role_____


Are you available for rehearsal Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoon?_____

If casted for a different role in this production will that be a issue_____

IF casted for another role in another production will you commit this production?_____

Will It be difficult getting to rehearsal on the days above?_____

Just so the director can accommodate for as many people as he can. How many people do you think will be attending on your behalf. ( ex. Your friends/family) (What? Friends and family? To audition with me? This is a first.) _____

No matter how good the quality of your work is, one of the first rules of professionalism is to make sure all your correspondence is up to snuff. And technology makes it so easy for us! Just looking at this message without even touching the spell check button, I see a million little red squiggles. And yet... travesties abound. I hope their show went off without a hitch, and that all the Cacausion, hispanic and Caribean friends and family who responsed and were casted didn't have a issue.


Lena Cigleris said...

Still not as awesome as the "15 women put in order of how attractive I think they are" guy.

Gabby said...

You mean Mr. Congeniality?:

He IS a sweetie...