Monday, January 24, 2011

You Like Me? You Really, Really Like Me? (Or Maybe You Just Like Searching For 'Naked Boobs'?)

Darlingest Readers,

Sometimes here at Chez NR/NP, Gabby is unhappy to find sad comments left by those who have taken offense to this little blog that is a Labor of Lust. Days like those make Gabby reach for the vodka.
But, sometimes there is also good news! Blogger added a statistics page so now Gabby can see how many of you stumble across this tiny, meager little site-that-could. And we're happy to announce that our readership is up! Way up! (Well, from what we can see, considering they didn't add the stats page until Summer 2010.)

What could be more fun that that, you ask??? Knowing what word searches have led some of you to NR/NP! I hope that everyone who Google-d or Bing-ed the following phrases found exactly what they were looking for:

complete nude rape scene
hairy girls exercising naked
naked boobs
boobs naked
simulated rape
grammar uncle leon
naked girls boobs 40 dd craigslist pic
"jt talent and casting"

Much Love,

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