Monday, May 06, 2013

Educating Boys On The Three S's: Sloth, Steaks & Sexism.

WE MADE IT (Fat Boy Swag)
Music Video
SAG-AFTRA (New Media Agreement)
No Pay / Deferred as per agreement       

Artist: Shawn XXXXX
Production Co.: Smith Hage Productions
Casting Director: Ashley XXXXX
Interview Dates: 5/1/13
Callback Dates: 5/2/13
Shoot/Start Date: 5/4/13
Location: Brooklyn NY




11-14 – He is the star of this video. Must be able to work confidently while exposing his stomach.

These are the other two main characters that serve as the heart and soul of this video. We are looking for two women that are RIDICULOUSLY HOT! (Must be able to work comfortably while exposing...most everything?)

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A chubby kid sits in an apartment by himself. He’s dressed in super trendy clothing, with a ps3 joystick clenched in his hand. American junk food clutters the coffee table around him.  Two RIDICULOUSLY HOT VOLUPTUOUS women scantily dressed walk into the room. One has a pizza box the other has a milk shake. They come to each side of him and feed him the food. The kid has a look of “I’m the MAN” on his face. The kid shoos them off, they return with more junk food as the kid snaps his fingers and calls the shots.  After analyzing his body in the mirror, he decides to workout. He runs up stairs for exercise. The more he works out the more confident he feels. There is never any change in his body – he’s proud of his body. After all, he seems to be doing better than most in the lady department… We continue to cut back and forth from the workout session to him hanging out on the couch.  We exit this charade with the kid hanging out on a Brooklyn corner, the two girls on both sides of him, shaking their butts and dancing really over the top. He’s chilling like a pimp, bobbing his head. He’s swagged out - This is FAT BOY SWAG!

A). That is not a brief synopsis.
B). How young is this 'kid' that is being flanked by RIDICULOUSLY HOT BABES that he gets to order around? 
C). This video would never be considered if the roles were reversed.

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