Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An American Horror Story

Need writers of screenplays
Feature Horror
Posted: 06/20/13

Deferred Pay: [Willing to share the proceeds with the screenwriter.]   
This post will expire: 12/31/13
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Hello- we have written a horror and other-worldy book. It would translate wonderfully into a movie and we are in need of a writer that can write a screenplay to present to producers in Hollywood. We have several producers lined up but need the screenplay to proceed. We would be willing to share the proceeds with the screenwriter. Please email if you are interested.

Oh how kind! You will graciously allow someone to spend their days and nights deeply immersed in your Great American Paranormal Horror Opus, in order to turn it into a sellable screenplay for your own gain, and are still willing to share in the proceeds? Salt of the earth, you are. 

This gives me an idea for a horror story: A talented-yet-struggling creative artists puts her/himself through school and upon graduation into the 'real world' is faced with only poorly-paying or non-paying opportunities to spin crap into gold.

Good luck. And may I kindly suggest FinalDraft, your own elbow grease, and simply googling the phrase "How to write a screenplay"?

(Special thanks to an eagle-eyed reader and talented writer, Jessica Rotondi for sharing this ray of sunshine. Cheers!)

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