Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Keeeeeepeeerrrs... Come Out To Plaaaaaaaaayyyy...

'The Keepers'

Casting notice expires: July 24, 2013 (Not soon enough)
Share: (I think this means the pay is a percentage of profits? Oh... so optimistic...)
GSpot Productions (Of course)
David XXXXX, dir.-prod.
Casting "The Keepers," a Non-Union spec TV pilot from independent producer. Project description: "A post apocalyptic ring of gangs gear up for all out war and intense battle just before they discover the secret to their survival." 


SEEKING TALENT Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.
Nobbie ( Lead): Female, 18-35, All Ethnicities, the beautiful and powerful leader of The Keepers.

Fix ( Supporting): Male, 18-48, All Ethnicities, the fearless and powerful leader of the "Punks" gang, strong physical appearance similar to Brandon Lee in "The Crow".

Worm ( Supporting): Female, 14-18, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, the young teenage daughter of Wheelie. SShe's smarter, tougher, and more gifted than anyone realizes. She sees everything and knows a lot more. She desperately wants the war to stop and will try anything to keep Wheelie safe. She's no fool and you better not turn your back on her. Darker colors of hair preferred. The actress for this role also narrates the story. She needs to have some insight and lead ability. Her voice needs to be youthful yet stern and mature at the same time. She's young and pretty, but with a sense of responsibility.

Spoke ( Supporting): Male, 18-38, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, looks up to his older brother, Wheelie. He would die before he let his brother or his family down. He grew up by Wheelie's side and inside the safety and protection of the Rollers. He's as hard as stone, but has his heart in the right place. He loves Nobbie and will stop at nothing to protect her.

Scrape ( Supporting): Male, 18-48, All Ethnicities, just like he sounds: smelly, sneaky, backstabbing, murderous, and criminal. He's tough and intimidating. If he can get his hands on Nobbie, he can weasel his way up to leader of the Punks.

Space ( Supporting): Male, 18-64, All Ethnicities, the close counterpart of Toast and may be his lover. Together, they often find themselves in the wrong place at the right time. Space dropped out of high school early and has bad hygiene. He has a good nose and is good at finding valuable items for trade. He forgets things a lot and often forgets where he's going. He's thin and frail and hides from trouble whenever he can.

Toast ( Supporting): Male, 18-64, All Ethnicities, the close counter-part of "Space" and may possibly be his lover. Space and Toast always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time. They are inseparable and do everything together, including getting hurt together. Fumbling, accident prone, mocking, clumsy. Should be short and over weight. Similar to Twigg and Koeler in "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Seeking submissions from: San Francisco, CA

SCRIPT EXCERPT (This is my favorite part!)

WHEELIE looks… his will together with his strength collapses. NOBBIE looks about her. She screams. The two spin around trying to back away, but it’s no use. They are surrounded by 7 Punks gang members. Spoke laughs in bitterness and pity.

“Scrape, you have a lot of balls showing up he…" Before he can finish, SCRAPE interjects his opinion up close in Spokes face. “Yea, well your shit for brains brother ain’t here, prince. So, what are you gonna do, huh … cry for help?”

SCRAPE looks around for approval. The rest of the Punks look at each other and smile devilishly.

NOBBIE tries to be tough, but her fear forces tears into her words. “You better not touch me, Scrape! Wheelie warned you not to touch us or…" "Or what my little glamour puss!?” SCRAPE exclaims. “If you haven’t noticed, Wheelie in the sky is failing to keep the peace! Soon, Stone and the Mayor will have nothing to hide behind, and you my little plum cake… will be all MINE.”

NOBBIE shrieks then looks at Scrape in hatred and disgust. Scrape motions and the Punks grab the two lovers. “Which one should we rape first, Scrape?” Laughter surrounds them, but then suddenly SPOKE makes a quick move. He lets out a breath, lunges forward escaping the hold, and smashes Scrapes big toe with the foot of his heel. Scrape screams in agony. Then in slow motion, Spoke spins around and elbows Scrape sharply in the nose… killing him instantly. The sound of his nose penetrating his skull travels to the ears and the gaping open wide mouths of the Punks as they watch their powerful Captain humiliatingly die before their eyes. Then, Scrape and his lifeless body free fall to his knees and then to the ground...

Pure gold.

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