Thursday, June 01, 2006

Meanwhile, On The 'Mean Streets' Of Rhode Island...


Bangorfilms is casting Between Something and Nothing, a feature- length DV comedy-drama about a young gay man working his way through art school by hustling on the mean streets of Providence, RI. Todd XXXXX, dir.-prod. Shooting begins Sept. 1 in Providence, RI.Seeking—Joe: 18-20, idealistic dreamer, art student, nudity and some sexual content required, LEAD; Jennifer: 18-20, street smart, ambitious fashion design student, LEAD; Ramon: 18-20, street hustler, Latin/Hispanic/South American, partial nudity and some sexual content required, LEAD; Art Students: 18+, males and females; Art Teachers: 40+, males and females; Johns: 40+, male, partial nudity and some sexual content required. Send pix & résumés (include email address) to Todd XXXXX, Bangorfilms, 241 W. XXXXX, NYC 10018; or email to XXXXX. For more info, visit No pay, but videocopy and credit provided. No pay.

I think the "something" is all the nudity and sexual content, and the "nothing" is your pay.

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