Thursday, July 13, 2006

But Seriously, For A Moment...

Six-Time Felon Arrested in Actor's Murder
by Lauren Horwitch

July 14, 2006 reports six-time convicted felon Victor Paleologus has been charged with the murder of actor Kristine Johnson whose body was found Mar. 3, 2003 in a ravine in the Hollywood Hills. She had been last seen going to an audition... As previously reported, 21-year-old Johnson vanished Feb. 15, 2003 after telling a roommate a photographer had approached her at the Century City Mall and asked to take pictures of her for a movie production. A police sketch was created with the help of a woman who told police she was similarly approached at the same mall and had met the man in West Hollywood. Her boyfriend, a former law enforcement officer, had chased the man away when he became aggressive. Investigators began focusing on Paleologus due to the sketch...

I just saw that article online. Pretty scary stuff. A bit of advice for any actor who is approached by someone offering them a contract/work/audition/meeting/etc.: Do your research first. Find out if this person is legit. Ask for a reference. If your still uncertain - bring a friend with you to the meeting/audition. Tell someone where you are going and when, and that you will check in with them when you're done. If anything feels weird - listen to your gut! If you're worried about burning bridges - you can be firm yet polite. Explain that you're willing to continue the dialog so long as you feel comfortable (by meeting in a public place, bringing a friend to the meeting or asking for a reference).

Anyone that is legitimate and interested in working with you will have no problems with your requests. In fact, they'll probably admire your intelligence and professionalism.

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