Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fashion Is To Maxim As Hot Is To Hot

beautiful females wanted for great tv show
we need to cast about a dozen or so models for Ep. 212 of Parco. (Females- fashion model type as opposed to Playboy maxim type- but there not real picky- hot is hot- and that's good TV!) Yee haw! Darn tootin'! Boobs is boobs! Some will have very small lines (there are no such things as small lines - only small breasts and small swimsuits...) and some MAY be in swimsuits for a photo shoot but they don't have to be. One day only- week of Aug. 1. Pay is $50 Less taxes and agency fees...
we will have a casting on Tuesday 7/25 at the MarkMark office-1619 Broadway between 49 & 50- 4th Floor. - sign in sheet type deal.
10-4 Tuesday.
if you would like to attend the casting please email your name number and a full body picture to JT say on the email you will be attending the casting you may call for more info
what to bring
1 bikini or sexy outfit
JT 212-947-XXXX

Sincerely, JT

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