Friday, July 14, 2006

Ever Have That Dream Where You're Naked In Public - Wearing Nothing But A Sock - And The Press Is Taking Pictures Of You?

Well Now You Can LIVE It!:

Virgin USA and Virgin Mobile USA are asking for volunteers to participate in a Virgin Festival media event. Dan XXXXX, communications; Alex XXXXX, senior vice president. No rehearsals required (Oh, good, this should be a cake walk then...). Seeking—Photo-op Participants: will be asked to appear on-stage wearing nothing but a strategically placed Virgin branded sock (Did they just say A sock - as in ONE sock - strategically placed? Are they looking for just men? 'Cuz if they're not, then I hope that's a BIG sock...), there are no physical requirements for this event (Excuse me?), the appearance on stage will last approximately 20 minutes (As in 1,200 seconds???), there will be news media on site taking photographs and television pictures (What?!). The event will take place July 17, 10:30 a.m.-noon at the Virgin Megastore Cafe in Union Square on 14th St. (btwn. Broadway and University Place), NYC. To participate, email No pay, but participants will receive a gift (ARE YOU OUT OF YOU MIND?!?!).

That "gift" better be made of gold, wrapped in large bills and stuffed inside a BMW...

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