Monday, August 14, 2006

A Movie Within A Movie... Within A Movie???

SEEKING WHITE FEMALE ACTRESS for straight-to- DVD movie (guaranteed distribution through MVD). Pay = $300 for 3-5 hours of work. The movie is a comedy about the making of an ultra indie horror movie (like the kind you would find at a horror convention booth). The role available is "Melissa" who is a scream queen. She takes pity on the amateur director and decides to do him a favor by appearing in a scene at a greatly reduced fee (Like, say, $300 for 3-5 hours of work?). There are three scenes that the Melissa character is in. In her first appearance she bumps into the director at a park and thanks him for giving her boyfriend's band a positive review in a magazine (the director is a mag writer as his day job). In that conversation she reveals that she is a scream queen and defines that term for him (he doesn't know what a scream queen is). In her second appearance, later in the movie, she bumps into the director again and (she sounds clumsy), after hearing about his troubles (his movie is a disaster - girls are quitting, his crew is a bunch of morons, etc) she decides to appear in his movie. (Yes, I know I always run right out and sign up for something as soon as I know it's a disaster. That's always when it's the most fun and rewarding.) The third appearance is on location - the shooting of a movie within the movie. The Melissa character is clothed for all scenes except that one (topless and in a thong/garter belt/thigh-high stockings). Please note that the nudity is less than 30 seconds on-screen. As soon as she delivers her lines in the movie-within-a- movie she walks off to change into normal clothes and finishes her scene completely clothed. This movie stars Gina Lynn. Guest appearance by Miramax director J.T. Petty (he directed Mimic 3 and Soft For Digging - remember those?), and a cameo by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (What a silly nickname - he sounds like fun! Scary, deadly fun!!!). DVD will be released in October. (I'll put it on my Netflix queue now...)
Please send pics/resume to JT now
Sincerely, JT

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