Saturday, November 17, 2007

Recipe For (Sexy) Disaster?

Project Name: The Ultimate Exotic Dancer
Project Type: Reality TV
Rate/Compensation: some pay

Role: Dancers and Actors
Role Type: Other
Gender/Age/Ethnicities: Male or Female / 20 to 45 / All Ethnicities

Breakdown: 2 gorgeous actress model types as spokes models ages 20-40 Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra types. Must own evening dress high heels. 7 exotic dancer types willing to do a dance rehearsal scene in a studio. No nudity required. Must have sexy dance rehearsal clothing. Bring CD of your music and prepare a 1 minute routine. Actors 2 choreographers 1 over weight mean ballet instructor we prefer European type but not required 2 ballet dancers 3 male or female actors any age

Mix exotic dancers with ballet dancers in tiny dressing room. Wait until the stench of superiority wafting from the ballerinas is overwhelming. Add overweight "European type" ballet instructor. Once the original mixture is sufficiently deflated, fold in choreographers. When the mess starts to take shape, sprinkle with random actors for comedic effect and frost with spokes-models for sweetness. Serve chilled.

Seriously though, will they be judged? How will those comments go:

"Well Krystal, that routine was very similar to last week's - what with all the sliding down the pole and hair whipping. But it still managed to turn me on... Good job!"

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