Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Best Soldiers Have The Biggest "Bazookas"

I, Creator
Feature Film, Non-Union

Union Status Non-Union
Rate 1.) Meals provided by the production. 2.) Screen credit for your work in the production. 3.) A copy of the final cut of the DVD. 4.) An invite to the screening party. (Um, not to get technical - but those aren't "rates".)

This is the fabled Frankenstein story retold with new twists, turns, technology, and characters for the twenty-first century.

GINA / Non-Union / Supporting / Female / Caucasian / 25-35
Gina is Robert’s ex-girlfriend with long black-hair and black-eyes with an olive complexion in her twenties. Gina is of average height of around five feet four inches tall with a slim attractive figure. The role requires strong acting skills. (Sounds it!)
Wardrobe: She wears blue jeans, sneakers, and a blouse
Rate: NO PAY, but screen credit, a copy of the final DVD, and invite to screening party (Really??? You mean after all the hard work I'll do for you - being slim and petite and acting real good - you'll even deign to let me attend the screening of my own work? THANK YOU!)

GAIL STORM (Get it?)/ Non-Union / Lead / Female / Caucasian / 21-30
Gail is a long black-haired and black-eyed extraterrestrial female cyborg with fair skin and in her twenties who looks human and stands well over six feet tall. She is built like a Barbie doll and well-endowed. She was made to be the ideal female super soldier (huge breasts are imperative to being a top-notch soldier! They don't slow you down or get in your way AT ALL) and scientist by her creator, Dr. Pavlov on the planet, Delta Four. Strong acting skills and stage fighting required.
Wardrobe: A black coverall cat suit with matching boots and gloves, an ammunition belt, and a laser rifle. Gail also wears army fatigues and a backpack for hiking, business suit, blouse and blue jeans a blouse, high heels and sneakers for other scenes. (Ice skates and bridesmaid dress sold separately.)
Rate: A copy of the final DVD, screen credit, meals, and invite to screening party (She gets to go to the party, too?! What fun!)

SURVIVALIST / EX-DELTA FORCE INSTRUCTOR / Non-Union / Supporting / Male / All Ethnicities / 25-45
He is an ex-Delta Force instructor standing 5'6'. Robert hires him to train Angela and Gail. The survivalist was convicted of rape, escaped jail and the USA, and admitted back to the USA for rescuing an ambassador’s daughter. He meets his match with Angela and Gail. They are terminator-like indestructible soldiers. Robert sends Angela and then Angela and Gail to him to test Angela’s firmware never to kill a human no matter how evil they are and to protect humans from other machines.

The role requires a STRONG BACKGROUND IN STUNTS, MARTIAL ARTS, stage fighting, and strong acting (sure - but only if you'll invite me to the screening party!). If you have a stunt reel, I'd like to see it. We need to get as close to exact height we are asking for as much as possible for these roles.
Wardrobe: Jungle fatigues, backpack, hunting knife, and a water canteen.
Rate: Deferred payment (D'oh!)

TERRORISTS / Non-Union / Supporting / Male / Middle Eastern / 20-35
Must have dummy pistols and look like terrorists. The roles require strong acting skills and have dialogue. (Again, yes, my goodness - it seems like "acting skills" are of the highest priority...)
Wardrobe: Street clothes.
Rate: A copy of the final DVD, screen credit, meals, an invite to the screening party (The more the merrier! Except for that survivalist guy - who wants him when you can party with terrorists?)

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