Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Not A Dental Technichian, But I play One On The Streets Of NYC

PARK AVENUE DENTAL SPA is creating a team of attractive, sexy and classy female and male models to promote its upscale Dental Spa.

ATTIRE: Fitted dental lab coat, which will be provided by the Dental Spa. (Nothing inspires confidence like model-actors in figure-flattering pseudo-uniforms representing skilled specialists.)

DUTIES: Working teams of 2 models will introduce themselves and our Dental Spa to upscale people (sounds like discrimination) and schedule appointments OUTSIDE on Park Avenue.

OFFER: The appointments will be for the new patient to receive:
· Professional Dental Whitening
· Dental Cleaning and Polishing
· Dental Examination
A $1000 package, for ONLY $99. (What a fantastic deal - this ridiculously discounted package doesn't worry me or smack of illegitimacy in the least! I warmly invite them to stick sharp objects in my mouth!)

This proven offer along with the right team of models executing the promotion will result in numerous new patients generated. (So many words! I love words! Please, use as many as you can, needlessly, and spell them however you wish.)

REQUIREMENTS: YOU must be attractive, have good teeth, er, breasts - no, wait, we mean TEETH! (and breasts) (we will help improve them for free; see compensation), articulate well, and be outgoing and sociable. therefore, we want models [both male and female] that are friendly and joyful. (Joyful? No problem - pass the N2O!)

EMAIL YOUR RESPONSE: email your photos (both head shots and full body shots) and contact information (telephone number, email address, etc).

· Part Time Position - days and hours flexible.
· Base Salary: $10.00/hour + $20.00 per new patient generated. Earning YOU up to $100.00/hour.
· As being part of our promotional team of models YOU WILL also receive:

When you email please say XXXXX Talent and Casting sent you and ask for XXXXX

Remmeber we take between 15% and 20 %

Let's see... 15% times 32 teeth... that's... hey, wait a minute...

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