Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No, YOU Be Serious.

Comedy pilot (NY)
Date: 2009-09-15, 12:28PM EDT
Reply to: XXXXX.org

I am looking for someone in the industry, writers, agents, comedians, etc. I wrote a tv pilot for the FOX comedy contest. I found out about the contest two weeks before it was due. I've never wrote a script before and always used my humor as a way of living life. I don't want to stand up (then sit, by all means), had the chance, just not interested in it. I know I have the creative mind for comedy. I used an online template for the script. It's not the script I'm worried about, I would like to use my humor for different projects. But I would like someone to look at the script and see the ideas I have. It is registered with the WGA. It is about a 40 yr old mailman who falls into a coma (please... share more of your idea with the good people of Craigslist - none of whom would ever do anything unscrupulous...). The show would take place using his dreams and memories. For instance the show opens with Jesus at the last supper. The show ends with him making love to his mother in law. So it could be anytime, anywhere. Whatever triggers his mind whether it be a something playing on the tv or radio, people talking in the room, etc. And thanks to medical technology his wife can see these "dreams".

I wanted something that could take place anytime, like a cartoon instead of the usual boring family of four sitcom. My humor is a mix between shows like Family Gut (I LOVE Family Gut!), Seinfeld, Married with Children, comedians like a Jim Norton and maybe Ben Stiller movies, or an Airplane (um... like an actual aircraft or did you mean like one of the Airplane movies? I have a feeling an actual plane would have a very dry sense of humor; no fun at all). It is very hard to make me laugh so I go and look for something different.

Like I said I've never wrote a script before (Get out of town! Have you ever written an email before? Ever use spell-check?), I know there are mistakes. Maybe it's a wrong idea. Maybe it's better to turn it into a screenplay. But it's the material I can come up with and contribute that I want to be seen.

Please be serious.

* Location: NY
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

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