Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Art! Coming At You In 3 (Double?) D!

Non-Union Short Film
Editorial Short Film Project
Rate: $150 per day
Usage/Run: Web used and projected at live event in 3D to entertainment industry
Casting Director: XXXXX Casting
Shoot date: 2nd week June
Location: NYC


Sexy editorial style American Apparel vibe 3D Pillow fight.


Female / Principal / All Ethnicities / 18-32. This is a 3D fashion installation that we are producing for one event the end of June. Photo editors, art buyers etc will be there. Must be comfortable in undergarments having pillow fight. (And at audition) We may ask you to pillow fight with another model. You must be cool with either being in your underwear or some kind of under garment at casting. NOT Playboy Maxim or Stripper style. Think Terry Richardson or any American Apparel ad. No nudity is required. But sexy. The final shot will be a 3D pillow fight, girls will probably be in panties and a tee shirt. Or shorts and bras. Please, if you are not cool with this let us know. LIGHT MAKEUP hair not to styled look NATURAL Look real.

YES: Boys undies, Super short shorts, Fun stylish panties, Tiny Aime Tee shirts, Fun and sexy, loose tank tops. Rock and roll clothes.
NO: Stripper clothiers, Negligees, Garters, G stings etc.

We repeat: No stripper clothes - just your underwear. Just you, half-naked with your ladybits flouncing in 3D. We want this to be more subtle - like Dov Charney's reputation with American Apparel advertising - and not tacky like FHM or Maxim.


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