Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classic NR/NP


SoJe Productions is casting "Choices," a show is about people whose lives are tested by their choices. There will also be a reality "behind the scenes" project about the filming of "Choices." Producers state: The show will "showcase the urban (African-American, Cubans, etc.) community. We want to deliver steamy, real, exciting, and intriguing episodes. Think of a gritty drama series that focus on the DC surrounding areas." Jose XXXXX, creator; Alex XXXXX, dir.; Shareeda XXXXX, creative dir.

Seeking—Erika: mid 20s, African-American or mixed, a fun-loving person, Dominic's girlfriend, can get very annoying, will be required to appear partially clothed (bra and panties or bathing suit) for an implied sex scene; Terrance: early 30s, African-American, Maurice's best friend and is in love with his wife, has a drinking problem, cool and blunt, rear nudity may be required for an implied sex scene; Extras: males and females.

To apply, submit pix & résumés XXXXX. No pay.

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