Friday, May 30, 2008

I'll Have What She's Having - But Since It's Happy Hour, Make Mine A Double!

Erotica in 12 Shots (Ha - "shots". It's like a double entendre... read on...)
Student Film, Non-Union

Union Status: Non-Union
Run(Usage): School project with possibilty of entering in festivals if all goes well. Will be part of a trilogy of shorts.
Rate: No pay. Would provide happy hour drinks if you could stay until the end of the shoot. This will be shot in a day. I will also provide a dvd copy of the project once it is completed.

Callback Note: Will call you by phone on or before June 2. Please leave a contact phone number.

Synopsis: Life is an erotic journey—from birth to death. Using close-ups, I will show people’s expressions as they get on the verge or orgasm. The shot will alternately show males and females and chronologically from their teens through old age. I will recreate the stages of life on screen. It will also alternately show them in bed and doing normal daily activities, all having the same “verge-of-orgasm” look

Project Notes: No nudity, but will create an illusion of nudity on screen. Part of each role will be lying on a black bed faking orgasm (Apparently life is a "faked" erotic journey for some...), the shot will only be from shoulders up. So, nothing covering the shoulders to create an illusion of nudity. The other scenes would appear fully-clothed. This is a black and white, silent short.

Audition Note: No audition required, but would like to briefly meet with the performer in person on or before June 2 in Manhattanso that I can explain the project thoroughly.

Role: FEMALE 3 / Non-Union / UNKNOWN_ProjectExtrasRoleType_CODE_OF_2 / Female / All Ethnicities / 25-35. Should be comfortable with having close up shot faking orgasm.

Wardrobe: Unspecified. No nudity but will create an illusion of nudity

Rate: No pay. Will provide copy of project upon completion.

I like how they will pay you with cocktails after faking an orgasm - that's priceless! Usually it happens th other way around, no? And they're not even full-priced drinks - they're happy hour drinks! If I were you, I'd ask be sure to ask for top shelf...

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