Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Faster Than Due Process! More Powerful Than A Motion To Dismiss!


Hunter Productions is casting Zero Tolerance. A burned-out D.A. takes the law into his own hands as he goes up against dangerous villains of the criminal underworld, but is soon faced with more deadly sinister characters. Zero Tolerance is a fast-paced Batman-style story (a cartoon?) filled with three-dimensional characters (oh... I guess not a cartoon...) and surprise heroes. Leon XXXXX, dir. Shooting begins late summer in various locations on Long Island, NY.

Seeking—Actors: male and female, all ages, all ethnicities, all types.

Send pix & résumés to XXXXX Productions, XXXXX, NY 11701. No pay provided.

I've been waiting for the first lawyer-superhero! I wonder how exorbitant his rates are...

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