Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Bikini Babies Wanted.. Looking For Fun Models (Northern Suburbs)

Looking for Fun Models... Bikini Babies is New... Looking for Fun Female models to do a wide range of gigs in Bikinis and other Fun outfits.. (Like...? [Please don't say diapers... please don't say diapers...]) Will assist you in finding Fun Gigs... (I thought this IS the fun gig?) Promotional work - photo shoot work - Dancing gigs - Massage gigs - Hosting Events...ETC.. Must have Transportation and cell phone.. Must be a people person... Must be comforitable [sic] working in Bikini - Mini skirts - Fun tops.. ETC.. If interested, Please send a few photos of yourself, what is your modeling experience?? What would make you a good Bikini Baby???

* Location: Northern Suburbs
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: Pay will depend on gigs

They're looking for BABES, right? Not babies? They want adult women and not infants, correct? Please say yes. I mean, I'd have to assume so because I don't think a baby would give a very good massage. But how can you ever be sure with these damn crazy casting notices?
SIDE NOTE: Okay, so I thought it might be fun to add a photo of a cute, unassuming baby in a bikini so I did a Google search and OH MY GOD, what are people doing to their children?!?! Pleeeeeaaasssseee stop sexualizing your kids. Holy crap. I need eyewash.

So, then I thought I'd post a photo of a baby in a burka and... that was boring (and also mildly disturbing - war zone photos... the oppression of women... etc. [Side-Side-Note to earthlings: Make up your mind? Are we selling our young as sex objects at the age of 9 months or are we forbidding them from breathing fresh air and showing their wrists?]) 

Sooooo... then I thought the other possibility would be to go the opposite route and post picture of a woman in a diaper, but I stopped myself because we all know how that would turn out. No thanks.

Which is why this seemed like the safest option:


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