Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Handholding & Hugging Required

'My Girls with Rafe'

SFT Production Inc. is casting "My Girls with Rafe," a series filmed in half-hour episodes in HD. Rafe XXXXX, exec. prod.

Shoot starts early March, 2013 in NYC.

Seeking—Woman 1: appears 15-21, plays the daughter of one of the stars of the show. Woman 2: appears 17-21, plays the girlfriend to a top agent's son in the "My Girls" agency. Woman 3: appears 19-33, one of the agent's girlfriend's. Men and Women: to play members signed to the talent agency. Producer states: "We are seeking positive and intelligent women who feel very comfortable in their own skin. This show aims to help women communicate better in the relationships they are involved in. Some roles will include a couple of scenes in which there will be hand holding, very close hugging, and some passionate kissing involved. There is no nudity, although there may be a scene in a bathing suit or underwear depending on the role. Everyone who is invited to audition will get individual attention."

Email pix & résumés (include at least two photos—one should show a full view of your profile, if possible) to XXXXX.com or call (XXX) XXX-XXXX or (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Mention if you have any musical or dance ability or particular athletic ability in any sport with your submission.

Some pay, plus copy and credit provided. 

I don't know how appearing in a bikini while holding hands with some strange guy who runs an agency called 'My Girls' is supposed to help me communicate better in my relationships. Maybe its all the 'individual attention'?

Whatever it is, all I can imaging is a lot of angry boyfriends bursting through this guy's door. 


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