Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry Be-lated Christmas!

I got you an 80's screwball comedy style musical ego project with nudity for the ladies only, and 'possible' (probably not) pay. Enjoy!

Midwest, '12 Days of Christmas'

Mediopolis is casting "12 Days of Christmas," R-Rated musical-comedy set in 1984. Todd XXXXX, dir.; Lisa XXXXX, casting dir.

Shooting Fall 2013 at various Midwest locations. (Way to be specific.)

Project description: "Follows a group of retail store employees trying to make it through the Christmas season in the Midwest, based on the real-life adventures chronicled by Todd XXXXX. Store nerds Chip Martin and Robbii Van Port are looking for love, while constantly being dogged by the warehouse bullies; Thad, Jason and Tiny respectively. The center of the film is held by a not-so-tight group of valley girls with their own agendas. All while store manager, Raymond Schwartz, and his group of managerial half-wits try to keep order during the busiest shopping season of the year."

Seeking—Raymond Schwartz: older male, store manager, easily stressed, eager for his retirement, singing and dance ability required. Lance Cambridge: assistant store manager, good looking, homosexual, very private, fair to his employees, a good supervisor, liked by all. Viola Schleiermacher: floor manager, demanding and by-the-book, racist tendencies, not well liked. Tony Sparks: automotive department, the cool guy, hired as seasonal help, doesn't care much for store politics, becomes involved in a love triangle. Chip Martin: electronics department, the store nerd, witty and ingenious, horny, singing ability required. Robbii Van Port: African-American, overweight, toy department, the store screw up, ashamed of his parents and his poverty. Dana: head cashier, knows Chip has a crush on her but isn't interested in dating, smart, beautiful, easy to get along with. Stephanie: a cashier, young, innocent checker, falls in love with Tony the moment she sees him, singing and dance ability required. Lisa Wilcox: shoe department, a valley girl, makes it her quest to sleep with as many guys as she can, a bleach blonde whore, role requires topless nudity and brief sexual situations in automobile and bedroom make-out scenes, singing and dance ability required. Bridget: shoe department, a valley girl friend of Lisa's, an airhead with a great body, role requires full nudity in a brief on-stage strip club style setting, singing and dance ability required. Thad Adams: warehouse manager, a jerk, out to get Tony, thinks he's a real player, singing and dance ability required. Jason: warehouse receiver, loyal to Thad, tattooed, with a gold tooth and a mullet, singing and dance ability required. "Tiny" Smith: Asian preferred, warehouse stockman, singing and dance ability required. Rosa: African-American, a much older woman, seasonal help. Wanda Cadena: snack bar employee, an ex-hippie, constantly working on her nails and neglecting her duties, a good listener, singing and dance ability required. Gus: janitor, hardworking, always has something clever and uplifting to say, and a magic trick or two up his sleeve. Janean: lay-away clerk, a braces-wearing adorable nerd. Rod & Greg: sporting goods, preppy, cocky fraternity guys. Santa Claus: a disgrace to the suit, a drunk, obnoxious slob. Harvey: store security, always has a racing form on him. Susan: a "model customer" and the object of Chip's desire, topless nudity required in a fantasy undressing dream sequence.

To apply, submit pix & resumes via Back Stage.

Possible pay, plus credit provided.

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